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Fortunately your car won't be damaged every day. But when you're confronted with it, there are a couple of things that need to be done, or there may be questions on which you need a clear answer.

1. Where and when do I report my car damage?
You are deemed to report damage to your insurance company, lease company or intermediary within 24 hours. If the incident happened in weekends, you can report it on the following monday. It's very important that the European accident report is filled out completely and signed by all parties involved. Often this can happen on the spot, but if this is not possible it's very important that it is handled as soon as possible.
2. I have liability insurance and would like to reclaim the damage costs: what is the procedure?
All parties involved should send the completely filled out and signed Eruopean damage report to their insurance company or intermediary. You insurance company needs this to hold the other party responsible on your behalf.
You insurance company will ask you to have the damage taxated by an acknowledged garage in an official report. This taxationreport should be passed on to your insurance company or intermediary. The other parties insurance company will see if the taxated damage is actually the result of the incident and if it is covered by the policy. Sometimes the other party will call for a damage-expert to have a look at the car and find out whether or not the damage is the result of the incident. Obviously only costs that are the result of the damage will be covered.

When the other parties insurance company consent to have the determined damage repaired, the money is not directly available yet. The other party needs to recognize blame and when all administrative proceedings are finished, the compensation will be paid.
3. When I have caused damage, will my no-claim discount be lowered?
When you have caused damage, you will always fall back in the bonus-malus-ladder. This does not necessarily mean that you will fall back in your built up percentage of no-claim discount. This depends on the period of time that you have the maximum discount percentage. You can ask your insurance company or intermediary for more information on this subject.
4. Do I have to disburse my own risk?
The amount of own risk applicable to you always needs to be paid on the spot the moment you pick up your repaired vehicle. If the damage is reclaimable you can claim these costs from your insurance company or intermediary at a later time.
5. My car is damaged, but I don't know who caused it. Now what?
When your car is damaged by an unknown motorized wehicle you can invoke the Dutch Guarantee Fund. However, there are a couple of conditions: you always need to report the incident to the police and there need to be at least two (silent) witnesses. A damage expert will be invoked to judge whether or not it's plausible that the damage is indeed caused by a motorized vehicle. For more inforation on this subject, visit www.waarborgfonds.nl
6. Do I always get replacement transport?
Yes, with us you always get a replacement vehicle.
7. I can't reclaim my damage costs, can I still get replacement transport?
Yes, when you have the damage repaired with us in accordance to the taxationreport, you will get a replacement vehicle.
8. Do I have to make an appointment by phone for repairs?
During the first meeting the damage will be taxated. There's no need to make an appointment for this, you can stop by on weekdays during opening hours. This way we can give an estimate about the duration of the repairs, whether or not we need to order parts and what the costs will be. Together, we'll pick a date on which you can bring your car in for repairs and we will make sure a replacement car is available for you. Make sure you bring your license papers, green card and drivers license.
9. Can I stop by to have damage judged without strings attached?
Yes, you can stop by on weekdays during opening hours to get an estimate of the costs.
10. My insurance company asks for a taxationreport. Could you make one for me?
This is possible, but there are taxationcosts involved. When you decide to have the damage repaired by us these costs will expire or, in case you've already paid for them, these costs will be substracted from the total repair costs.

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